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Passports for Adults

The validity of the German passport is 6 years for applicants under the age of 24, otherwise it is 10 years.

Applications for passports can only be submitted in person at the Embassy after having booked an Appointment . During the application process, your finger prints will be taken. Please bear in mind that due to privacy protection, the German Mission can only save the fingerprints for a brief period of time and will then delete them. The passports are printed at the Federal Printing Office in Berlin. It might take up to 6 weeks until the passport can be handed out. If a Name Declaration is required (see below information), processing time can change considerably.You can keep your existing passport during processing time if you need to travel and the passport is still valid.

Please keep in mind that your passport has to be valid more than 6 months when traveling in East Africa.

Important for FIRST TIME APPLICATIONS: Please contact the Embassy

Passports for Minors

Applications for passports can only be submitted in person by the parent/legal guardian at the Embassy after having booked an Appointment. The child needs to be present at the time. Passports cannot be renewed anymore. Starting 26 June 2012, entering the name(s) of the child(ren) in the passport of the parent has become invalid and does not entitle the child to cross the border. You can keep the passport/child’s passport while the application is being processed, if you need to travel and the passport is still valid.

There are two kinds of passports for children and adolescents:

1) Biometric Passports: A European passport can be issued from birth onwards, at the latest at the age of 12. We recommend that you apply for a European passport, since the child’s passport is not recognized in all countries outside the EU. Passports for citizens under the age of 24 are valid for 6 years and are printed at the Federal Printing Office in Berlin.

2) Children’s passports: A child’s passport is a simpler (non-biometric) passport and is generally issued within a few days. A child’s passport is valid for 1 years, up to age 12. This kind of passport is not recognized by all countries (e.g. for US you have to apply for a visa).

Important information for FIRST TIME passport applications: In some cases, a name declaration needs to be made before the passport application. Please contact the Embassy.

Biometric Pictures in Kigali

The Embassy accepts only biometric photos.

For your convenience below are listed some addresses of photo shops in the vicinity.

  • Fotolab: 36 KN 6 Ave
  • Kilino Foto: KN 76 St
  • MTN Center: KG 270 St
  • Rubangura: KN 2 St

This overview does not claim to be exhaustive.

Did you move?

If you want your passport stating your current domicile you can submit the application at the Consulate free of charge. Please, book an appointment.

Please bring the following documents:

  • Your current passport
  • Application form
  • Most recent German local authority de-registration form (‘Abmeldebestätigung’ - only applicable, if the last place of residence was in Germany or if a German place of residence is shown in the passport)
  • Recent proof of address in Rwanda (e.g. utility bill or bank Statement)

Name declaration (marriage, divorce, change of name, child)

If you are German and got married and wish to take your spouse's name or if your marriage was dissolved and you wish to change your name back to your name before marriage a notary declaration will be necessary BEFORE applying for the passport (aprox. 2-3 months).

Find more information here: Naming Law and Civil Status Certificates

Please note

The information provided above refers to most routine cases presented to the German Embassy in Kigali. Due to the complexity of the German passport law and the multitude of conceivable case scenarios each individual case may have to be treated differently and further documents can be requested.

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Overview of current fees.

All Fees must be paid in cash in RWF.


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