Legalization of Rwandan documents

16.12.2021 - Article

If you have to submit a Rwandan document (e.g. birth or marriage certificate) to a German authority, either Embassies or authorities in Germany, these documents have to be legalized. Please find here further Information.

If a Rwandan document must be submitted to an authority in Germany, this authority decides whether it will recognize it as authentic without further ado or whether legalization is required.

If a legalization of a Rwandan public document is required, the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Kigali may legalize the document and thereby confirm the authenticity of the signature, the capacity in which the signatory of the document acted and the authenticity of the seal affixed to the document. The Embassy does refuse to legalize forged documents as well as documents which clearly contain false information i. e. documents certifying facts which are not really true.

For the legalization of a Rwandan public document the following procedure applies:

  • Apply via IREMBO for the document you Need. Check if all names (always given +surnames) and dates are correct. Have the print-out signed and sealed by the competent (Umurenge) civil registrar officer.

Submit this document to the following Rwandan authorities:

  • First to the Ministry of Justice (P.O.Box: 160 Kigali, Rwanda, physical address: KG 1 Roundabout, Kigali, Ruanda, Tel : +250 788 300 952, Toll Free: 3936., e-mail: mjust@minijust.gov.rw). The Ministry must certify the print-out to be authentic and the signature and seal of the civil registrar officer.

  • After to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (P.O. Box 179 Kigali, Rwanda; physical address: 23WM+5HX Kigali, Rwanda, Tel.: +250 599128 / +250 599132; e-mail: info@minaffet.gov.rw). The Ministry must certify the signature and seal of the Ministry of Justice.

As far as the Embassy is informed these certification have to be applied by yourself. If you are presently not in Rwanda you may authorize a relative or friend or any other Person (e.g. lawyer).

  • Your application for legalization at the German Embassy should explain why you require legalization and which German authority has requested such.
  •  If you are unable to appear in person at the German Embassy you may authorize a relative or friend in writing to act on your behalf. In such case, a copy of the document holder's passport or other ID as well as information concerning the German authority requesting the legalized document must be enclosed.

The Fee

  • The fee is currently between EUR 28,45 (approx. 34.000 RWF) per document, payable in RWF at the rate of exchange in place at the date of application.
  • If the document cannot be legalized, e. g. if it is a forgery, a processing fee of 75 % is charged.

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