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30.05.2023 - Article

Overview of current fees.
All Fees must be paid in cash in RWF.


applicants above 24 years:

  • 81,00 EUR for 32 Pages, valid 10 years
  • 103,00 EUR for 48 Pages, valid 10 years

applicants under 24 years:

  • 58,50 EUR for 32 Pages, valid 10 years
  • 80,50 EUR for 48 Pages, valid 10 years

additional options:

  • 32,00 EUR surcharges for an express passport, valid 10 years
  • 26,00 EUR for a children Passport (children 12 years and under), valid 1 year
  • 39,00 EUR for a provisional passport, valid 1 year



  • Children under six years of age, school pupils, students and accompanying teachers on study or educational trips as well as researchers (when travelling for research purpose only) will be exempt from the visa fee by all Schengen states regardless of their nationality
  • National Visa fee for children age 6 to 16 is reduced to 35 EUR
  • Spouses/children/parents of EU/EEA/EFTA nationals who are eligible for a EU-family member visa are exempt from the visa fee


Please note that the fees must be paid in RWF. The local currency  can be calculated by  using the above exchange rate and the Euro amount mentioned here.


Certification of your signature  (z.B. application of the registration of a child's birth,  application of certificate of good conduct,  approval of a sale transaction)56,43€
Certification of your signature for Name declaration79,57€
Certification of a photocopy  of documents 23,22€
Legalization of foreign certificates (birth and marriage certificates etc28,45€
Paternity Recognition 


Consular certificate with template


Consular certificate without template70,33€

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Due to organizational reasons, the waiting time for visa appointments is expected to be longer than usual until the end of October. Inquiries that reach us in this regard will not be answered. Special appointments are not available.

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