Certification of documents and translations


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Certification of signatures and copies for use in Germany

  • Photocopies and signatures can be certified at the Embassy.
  • Certification can only be carried out if originals or already certified photocopies/translations are submitted.
  • Since 2010, the embassy has no longer certified signatures for bank account openings.
  • The documents must be written in German, French or English and must be intended for use in Germany or Rwanda.
  • Please book an appointment online for the certification of signatures and photocopies.

Certification of a signature:

  • By certifying a signature the consular officer confirms that the person indicated in the document was physically present and signed it in front of him or her.
  • Please bring:
    • your valid passport,
    • the document to be signed
    • a proof of address in Rwanda (e.g. utility bill, not bank statements)
    • the fee in cash in RWF (depending on the purpose of the certification, either 56,43 or 79,57 Euros, payable in cash in RWF).
  • Since the embassy must first check in some legal matters (e.g. real estate, commercial, divorce law) whether a signature certification is possible, it is recommended to contact us beforehand using the contact form and send the document.

Certified copies:

  • Please bring:
    • the original documents,
    • the fee in cash in RWF: The current fee for the certification of one photocopy is the RWF equivalent of 23,22 Euros. The German Embassy only accepts cash in RWF.
  • The Embassy will make the copy.



  • More information on paternity acknowledgments and custody declarations under German law can be found here.
  • Please use our contact form for enquiries about these and other certifications.
  • The Embassy cannot conclude or certify marriages or partnerships.

Legalization of Rwandan documents

Please find more Information here.

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