Certification of documents and translations


Certification of signatures and copies for use in Germany

By certifying a signature the consular officer confirms that the person indicated in the document was physically present and signed it in front of him or her.

Please book an appointment online for the certification of signatures and photocopies.

For the certification of a signature please bring:

  • your valid passport
  • the document to be signed
  • a proof of address in Rwanda (e.g. utility bill, not bank statements)
  • the fee in cash


The fee for the certification of a signature is dependent on the purpose of the certification as well as the value of the matter and can vary between 15 and 250 Euros, payable in cash in RWF.

For certified copies please bring:

  • the original documents,
  • copies of the original document which need to be certified,
  • the fee in cash

The current fee for the certification of a photocopy is the RWF equivalent of 10 Euros.

The German Embassy only accepts cash.

Please note that we do not accept cheques, credit cards or debit Cards.


The Embassy cannot translate documents.

There are no sworn translators in Rwanda.

You can find a translator in Germany via the Databank of Interpreters and translators of the individual states of the Federal Republic of Germany (in German and English). The Embassy can give no guarantee for the content, quality or cost of translations.

Legalization of Rwandan documents

Please find more Information here.

Additional content

For each matter a prior appointment booking is required. Appointments can only be offered for a 4-week period in advance.

Book an appointment

If you have to submit a Rwandan document (e.g. birth or marriage certificate) to a German authority, either Embassies or authorities in Germany, these documents have to be legalized. Please find here further Information.

Legalization of Rwandan documents

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