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30.06.2023 - Article

Due to the high travel period in summer, the waiting time for visa appointments is expected to be longer than usual until the end of September. Inquiries that reach us in this regard will not be answered.

General information

  • For each matter a prior appointment booking is required.
  • Appointments can only be offered for a 4-week period in advance. If all available dates are already fully booked, please try again in the coming days.
  • Please be punctual for your appointment. If you have a delay of a few minutes, then inform us prior to your appointment ( via email or phone) otherwise your appointment will be forfeited.

For the following matters, appointments can be scheduled:

  • Application for national visa
  • Application of Non-Rwandans for Schengen visa
  • Passport applications
  • Signature authentication
  • Consular certification

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