Tiberias Initative for Children (TIC)

Tiberias Initative for Children

TIC, © German Embassy Kigali


One of the many microprojects supported by the German Embassy.

To find a reliable water supply on the hills of Kigali is particularly difficult. This is why “Tiberias Initiative for Children (TIC)” approached the German Embassy for support for its Inclusive Centre for Children on top of Mount Kabuye (Sector Jali). More precisely the micro project comprises the construction of a new toilet building including 2 toilets for children with disabilities, as well as four big water tanks to harvest the rain water from the roofs of the Centre.  The project facilitates the life of the kids and their mothers a lot, as there is no other access to running water nearby.  This is of particular importance, as due to their physical limitations, the 50 children at the Centre are particularly depended on the care provided by their families, especially their mothers. However, many mothers can hardly cover the special needs of their child. To overcome some of the challenges, TIC also offers trainings to the parents in nutrition, health and income-generating activities. Some mothers also founded their own savings group, allowing them to invest once in a while in a goat or the contribution to the health insurance.

If you would like to know more about TIC’s work, visit www.tic-rwanda.org . The organization is happy about all kinds of support, for example for a small bakery. The idea behind is a question of sustainability: The products of the bakery would allow them to create some income for the Centre to cover the running costs.

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