“Pass on the gift!“ –  Livestock distribution in Masaka Sector

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Funded through the micro project fund of the German Embassy Kigali, Agribusiness for Women Empowerment (AWE) together with Sector officials distributed 50 goats and 50 pigs to the poor and vulnerable people in Masaka Sector.  

“Pass on the gift” because every beneficiary will pass on one of his new born animals to a neighbor who has not yet received one.  At the same time, the beneficiaries of the animals will be trained in how to build kitchen gardens. “We started with some gardening activities last year.  But the manure from the goats and pigs will help to improve the quality of the soil in our field and the garden” explained one lady. Mandy Hupfer from the German Embassy learned also, that the kitchen garden will help to save water, which is of particular importance since rainfall so far is scarce in this season.

“Pass on the gift!“ –  Livestock distribution in Masaka Sector

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