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Inauguration of the microproject in Gikombe

Inauguration of the microproject in Gikombe, © German Embassy Kigali

15.10.2020 - Article

Due to the corona pandemic, we did not carry out any regular micro-projects in 2020. It is currently not yet clear whether new funds will be made available for 2021.
Nevertheless we open the application period from 15.10.-30.11.2020.

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany might have the possibility to offer financial assistance to Rwandese associations for carrying out micro projects in 2021.

Definition of micro projects:

Your project is supposed to improve the living conditions of several beneficiaries. Please note that there is no priority fields as far as a sponsorship for a project is concerned, i.e. this Embassy has supported in recent years agricultural and educational projects as well as small scale industries and different kinds of breeding projects.

The amount available per project is in the range of 5.000 to 15.000 EUR (approximately 5 Mio. RWF to 15 Mio. RWF). The time of execution of the project must not exceed six months.

How to take part in the program:

Your written application should include a description of the intended activities. Please use the relevant application forms available at this Embassy for this purpose.

If existing, please attach the recognition of your association by the Ministry of Justice to the application letter.

The required description should give details about the exact place and the beneficiaries of the project as well as some explanation concerning the long term objectives.

It would be appreciated if the beneficiaries contribute to the project costs. This contribution should either be a financial or instead a material one.

The expected expenses should be proven by handing in pro-forma invoices.

Date of submission of project proposals:

Usually from January to March the German Embassy will select the projects to be sponsored. The responsible person for a selected project will soon afterwards be invited for further discussion and subsequently for the signing of the contract.

If we have not contacted you by 31 March 2021, your project proposal has unfortunately not been selected.

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