Decentralisation and Good Governance

Kirsten Garaycochea/BMZ im Gespräch mit dem Exekutivsekretär von Rulindo

Kirsten Garaycochea/BMZ im Gespräch mit dem Exekutivsekretär von Rulindo, © Deutsche Botschaft Kigali / Hupfer


The support in the focal area of decentralisation and good governance seeks to promote service delivery and local infrastructure such as markets, small roads and electricity lines. This is realized through enhanced participation of the citizens as well as through increased own source revenues of districts (taxes and fees). Through KfW Germany therefore contributes to the Rwandan Fund for Local Development LODA, the Rwandan Fund for Environment and Climate FONERWA and the Basket Fund for Public Financial Management, out of which Germany supports for example the modernization and professionalization of the Rwanda Revenue Authority and the Office of the Auditor General. GIZ offers its advice mainly to the Ministry of Local Development MINALOC and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN) with regards to fiscal decentralization, improved service delivery and citizen oriented local governance. In concrete terms GIZ contributes for example to the establishment and the design of the curricula of the Local Governance Institute as well as to fostering transparent Service Delivery through the introduction of Standard Service Charters (fixed fee, waiting time, documents needed), which are available to all citizens in all local government offices.

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