Visa for family reunification - child joining parent in Germany

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Here you can find information about obtaining a visa for family reunification after marriage in Rwanda for your child/children.


  • valid passport
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • 2 application forms for a long term visa, duly signed by the applicant
  • Invitation by the mother/father
  • depending on case: authorization of mother/father in Rwanda
  • copy of the passport of the parent in Germany
  • "acte de naissance" (& jugement supplétif) certified by MINIJUST (please note: "attestation de naissance" is not accepted)
  • depending on age: proof of knowledge of the German language (please refer to website of the Goethe Institut on the right side of this page)
  • Proof of a medical insurance in Germany

Please note

  • Application form must be filled in completely and in full detail, otherwise the application cannot be processed.
  • The registration fee is Euro 75 and has to be paid in RWF at the exchange rate of this Embassy. Children under the age of 6 can apply free of charge.
  • The passport must be valid for at least three months beyond the end of the proposed journey and must be recognised by all parties to the Schengen Agreement.
  • Children/minors under the age of 16 must submit the notarized written consent of their parents or guardian (with notarized copy of the guardianship document) as well as the birth certificate.
  • The Embassy reserves the right to request additional documents.
  • Allow 8 to 10 weeks for the application to be processed
  • As the processing fees vary from case to case, the applicant will receive detailed information when applying.
  • The processing fee will be paid in local currency (RWF) using the current exchange rate.
  • Rwandan civil documents to be used inGermanyhave to be verified in order to be accepted.

Detailed information available at the Embassy.

Additional content

Overview of current fees.

All Fees must be paid in cash (RWF).


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