Visa for IT specialists with professional experience

04.04.2022 - Article

This page provides you with a checklist of the requirements for  a visa for IT specialists with professional experience

Information about IT specialists

Basic information

  • Basic Information can be found on our website here.
  • Documents not in the German, English or French language must be submitted with a certified translation. A translation of the personal data page of the passport is, however, not required.
  • Certificates, diplomas, etc. must be presented in the original with apostille/legalisation. Your original documents will be returned to you once your application has been processed.
  • The visa must be approved by the Federal Employment Agency and, where applicable, the competent foreigners authority in Germany. The visa can only be issued when this approval has been received.

  • Processing time is as a rule ca. 8-10 weeks but can take longer in individual cases.
  • Flight reservations are not required to apply for a visa – please only book when you have received your visa.
  • The mission abroad reserves the right to request further documents.
  • Missing documentation delays the procedure and can result in your application being rejected.
  •  Please do not contact the mission abroad to check the status of your application during the normal processing period. Such inquiries are extremely time-consuming for the visa section and can thus not be answered.


Use the following checklist to make sure your application documents are complete. All documents listed here are to be submitted in full in the requested form and order with every application! - also in the case of persons travelling together (e.g. spouses or children).

Provide the copies in two identical piles.

  • Two (2) fully completed and signed applications including declarations pursuant to Section 54 Residence Act
  • Where applicable, two (2) declarations fully completed and signed regarding contact details and power of attorney
  • Two (2) recent biometric passport photos
  • Valid passport (personally signed and with at least two (2) completely empty pages)
  • Two (2) uncertified copies of the data page of your valid passport
  • Completed form signed by your employer: Declaration of employment as an IT specialist (original with two (2) copies)

    The necessary minimum wage is set by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community once a year. For 2020, the minimum gross wage is 4140 € monthly or 49,680 € per annum.

  • Proof of German language skills (B1, original and two (2) copies) - exceptions can be made

  • Proof of professional experience in the IT sphere (at least three years in the last seven years) (original and two (2) copies)

  • Proof of relevant theoretical knowledge (training courses or examinations) (original and two (2) copies)

  • Proof of adequate health insurance cover  (original and two (2) copies)
    • If as an employee you are subject to mandatory statutory health insurance, you must bear in mind that this insurance can only begin when you take up residence in Germany and enter into employment. If you enter Germany beforehand, private health insurance must be taken out for the period prior to employment beginning and prior to being eligible for statutory health insurance. In its terms and conditions, travel health insurance can exclude protection if a long-term or permanent stay is planned. So-called incoming travel insurance can also contain such exclusions.
  • Applicant of a nationality other than Rwandan  (original and two (2) copies)

    • Proof of habitual abode by “residence permit/visa

Processing fee of 75 €. Payable cash in RWF.

Further information

Additional content

Please fill this form out till the end.

application form for a national visa (category D)

Printable Version of the checklist “Visa for IT specialists with professional experience”

Due to organizational reasons, the waiting time for visa appointments is expected to be longer than usual until the end of October. Inquiries that reach us in this regard will not be answered. Special appointments are not available.

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