Ambassador Dr. Peter Woeste

22.11.2017 - Article

Dear reader,

Welcome to the website of the German Embassy Kigali. To represent my country in Rwanda is an exceptional responsibility for me, as well as a challenge. I only hesitantly took on this task. Both our countries stand for unimaginable horrors and for success stories. Our visit to the national genocide memorial centre with my family, on our first weekend in Kigali, touched us all deeply. Our compassion cannot fully do the victims justice. My particular respect goes towards those, who had the courage to begin with reconciliation after the genocide.

Rwanda as a pillar of stability has a prominent position in our foreign policy. The African continent, our direct neighbor, is moving more and more into our daily consciousness. We hope to learn from Rwanda how to give people a future in their homeland. All our policy is bound in  close cooperation in particular with our European partners.

The “economic wonder” that is Rwanda is impressive and we are proud to be a part of it. The German development policy was set into immediate effect in 1994 and we will be continuing to support the people of Rwanda. This partnership at eye-level with our host country is of essential value. The German government is proud owning with GIZ and KfW two strong and competent organizations to implement this policy.

The private sector will be the future. In the German economic community, Rwanda is readily spoken of as an investment location. While we are still only at the beginning, the rule of law, the civil liberties and the freedom from corruption are crucial factors that will decide on the location of this investment.

The link in our countries histories ensures Rwanda a special place in German consciousness. This can be seen exhibited in the flourishing partnership between Rwanda and the German federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Communities, schools, parishes and many non-governmental organizations have been working in collaboration for many decades already. Out of this real friendships have emerged between citizens of both countries. This partnership should be considered as a role model.

With the Goethe-Institute we give cultural collaboration a new address. The interest to learn our language is huge. Culture also means humanitarian discourse – and discourse over human rights and Press freedom. I am looking forward to this dialogue in the future.

I wish you an enjoyable and stimulating tour of this website!

Yours sincerely

Peter Woeste

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